Kilpisjärvi: Your Arctic Adventure

When planning a Lapland holiday, you'll face intriguing decisions: Where to go, when to travel, and what exciting activities await at your chosen destination? Let us be your guide through this delightful quandary. We are Kilpisjärvi reindeer, a Sámi Finnish family deeply connected to the Kilpisjärvi region.

Situated at the base of Saana Fell amidst the Arctic high-fell area, the village of Kilpisjärvi offers an array of attractions. The Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre houses a captivating permanent exhibition titled "On the Edge of the Caledonides," showcasing Malla Strict Nature Reserve, Saana Nature Reserve and Research Area, Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, and the village's inhabitants. This center welcomes all visitors, including tourists, fishers, and hikers traversing the Nordkalott Trail.

Kilpisjärvi, embraced by the breathtaking Käsivarsi Wilderness, boasts Finland's lengthiest winter, the deepest snow, and the highest mountains—referred to as "tunturi" in Finnish or "fell" in English. Immerse yourself in the purest air, pristine water, and the frequently dazzling Aurora Borealis.

Serving as a gateway to Norway and Sweden, Kilpisjärvi provides access to the dramatic Arctic landscapes of three countries and the diverse heritage of numerous cultures—all easily accessible when choosing Kilpisjärvi as your holiday destination.