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Kilpisjärvi Reindeer Experience

Dear Guest!

Thank you for your booking with Kilpisjärvi Reindeer! We are happy to welcome you to our family-owned business, and we hope that you will enjoy your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach the village of Kilpisjärvi and Kilpisjärvi Reindeer
Click here to find information about public transportation on the website of Enontekiö municipality.

Kilpisjärvi Reindeer is within a short walk of the accommodations, which are located in the village. We regret it, but we cannot offer parking facilities for you. Therefore, we suggest you walk. If you arrive from a location outside the village center, you will find the nearest free parking area at Kilpisjärvi Visitor Center, which is within a 5-minute walk from us.

What to wear during your Kilpisjärvi Experience

It is of utmost importance to be dressed appropriately during the snow season in Arctic Lapland. Your experience in Kilpisjärvi Reindeer does not include the loan of thermal clothing, nor do we offer such clothing for rental. Click https://www.lapland.fi/visit/tips-stories/how-to-keep-warm-dressing-right-winter/ for useful tips on how to dress properly.

General information about Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärvi is home to unique Arctic landscapes and a genuine Arctic playground during the snow season. Make the most of it by spending at least a few days in our village. Click https://enontekiolapland.com/en/explore-enontekio/kilpisjarvi/ to find information on the services offered in Kilpisjärvi.

Get in touch!

By e-mail kilpisjarvireindeer@gmail.com
By phone +358 40 596 8478

With kind regards, Lars-Aslak Tornensis