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Kilpisjärvi Reindeer Experience

Discover the Arctic Essence of Kilpisjärvi

Welcome to Kilpisjärvi Reindeer, where the wonders of the Arctic unfold during each of the eight seasons. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Finnish Sámi culture, a lasting legacy carefully preserved by the Tornensis family. Across generations, the Tornensis lineage has been deeply ingrained in reindeer herding. The Tornensis are established as one of the oldest reindeer herding families in Arctic Lapland.

This rich heritage paved the way for a pivotal moment in 2018, when Kilpisjärvi Reindeer was founded by brothers Lars-Aslak and Per-Henrik Tornensis. The boys were mentored by their father, Juha Tornensis, who, in turn, was tutored by his father, Piera Tornensis, to master the art of reindeer herding. Kilpisjärvi Reindeer stands as a beacon, embodying the ancient traditions of reindeer herding in the heart of Arctic Lapland. Kilpisjärvi Reindeer also embraces modernity, striking a delicate balance between preserving traditions and adapting to contemporary ways.