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Your Guides at Kilpisjärvi Reindeer

Meet Your Guides at Kilpisjärvi Reindeer

Per-Henrik Tornensis, a Kilpisjärvi native and Sámi native speaker, is distinguished by his engineering background and profound involvement in the Sámi reindeer herding profession. He is a resident of Kilpisjärvi, where he lives with his spouse, Anu. In addition to his professional commitments, Per-Henrik also cares for two young reindeer he has nurtured since their abandonment as younglings. Beyond his dedication to reindeer herding, Per-Henrik finds solace in the pursuit of fishing.

Lars-Aslak Tornensis, possesses a technical background and displays unwavering commitment to the Sámi reindeer herding tradition. Lars-Aslak is also a politician in the Enontekio municipality. He is a native Sámi speaker, a facet of his identity that remains integral to his persona. Residing in Kilpisjärvi, Lars-Aslak shares his home with his spouse, Milja, and their young daughter, Inga. Alongside his professional and family duties, In his leisure time, he enjoys biking accompanied by their siberian husky companion, Balto.