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Sámi Experience in Kilpisjärvi, Arctic Lapland
Price includes 1 person.Extras:
  • Adults€80.00
  • Children 4 - 11 years€40.00

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Kilpisjärvi Reindeer Experience

Welcome to Kilpisjarvi Reindeer!

Join us on a journey like no other, where the rich heritage of the Sámi people and the mystical allure of reindeer unite in an unforgettable experience. At the Tornensis family's homestead, you'll be welcomed by our guides into a world where tradition and nature intertwine seamlessly.

Close Encounters with Reindeer in Kilpisjärvi 

Mingle with the Tornensis family reindeer, a diverse group that includes those in training for sledding and those who've already graduated from "sledding school." Encounter these magnificent creatures within the safety of the corral, while the main herd roams freely in the untamed wilderness.

A Mythical Connection with Kilpisjärvi Reindeer

Create a personal bond with these mythological creatures as you feed them their favorite lichen and capture these precious moments on film.

Cozy Comfort Around Open Fire

After your enchanting encounter in the corral, step indoors to the spacious log cabin. Here, enjoy the warmth from an open fire and treat yourself to freshly baked homemade biscuits paired with refreshing berry juice, providing the perfect setting to unwind and learn more about the Sámi people and culture.

Year of the Reindeer

Delve deeper into the world of reindeer herding with Kilpisjärvi Reindeer’s captivating audiovisual story. Presented by Per-Henrik, it offers a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable creatures throughout the seasons. Video clips and photos transport you into the rugged landscapes of Käsivarsi Wilderness Reserve, where the Tornensis family's reindeer herding work takes place.

Connecting with Arctic Essence

This visit is more than an adventure; it's a connection to the essence of the Arctic and Sámi culture. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the Sámi people as you explore their unique way of life.


Adult: €80
Child (Ages 4–11): €40
Toddler (Ages 0–3): Complimentary
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Book your reindeer Sámi Experience now and make timeless memories amidst the pristine beauty of winter.